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Speaker 1

Dr. Jawahar Lal Sharma

Dr. Jawahar Lal Sharma is a Vice-Chairman of Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (Delhi Chapter) with a teaching experience of more than 40 years at the University of Delhi. His area of interest is Environmental Chemistry including Municipal Waste Management & Industrial Waste Management. His Research Activities include, environmental research at - Sezione di chimica, C.N.R.– LAMEL, Bologna, Italy.

He has been actively associated with applied research in the field of Environmental Chemistry. Presently he is engaged in the research related to the current environmental issues such as Municipal Waste Management & Industrial Waste Management. His international engagement currently relates to the Oil Extraction from Avocado’s and utilization of the waste from the industry in a few African Countries.

His Books in the education sector have been approved by the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia & Uganda and the Government has mandated and included to be studied at the school level. He has published numerous research articles in various International Scientific Journals. In past, he has authored to scientific dictionaries which include, A Dictionary of Science, A Dictionary of Chemistry, Condensed Chemical Dictionary, A Dictionary of Environment, A Dictionary of Pollution, A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition, Chemistry for IX, X, XI, and XII have been prescribed by the Government of Ethiopia recommended them as a part of National curriculum, Chemistry for junior classes have been prescribed by the Government of Uganda and recommended them as part of National curriculum.

For Research purposes, he has widely travelled to countries including Austria, Ethiopia, France, Italy, Tanzania, Uganda, United States of America.